Ornithology Camps

International ornithology camps, which we have regularly organised since 1996, are loved not only among amateur ornithologists, but even in an academic sphere. NNR – Paris Marshes, with the territory of 184,05 ha, is the migration crossroad of birds and the biggest nesting place of reed species of singing birds. Since 1996, there have been noticed more than 171 species of birds. The base of regularly organised 4-week camps counts more than 60 volunteers from 8 countries of EU and Israel. Within IOC, we took parts in more projects, such as CES – regular trapping and ringing, over-border online bird database – in cooperation with Hungarian MME/ Birdlife Hungary, but also the monitoring of the health condition of the birds in the reservation. The last mentioned project we do together with colleagues from the Czech Republic and Israel.

Výsledky 15.M.O.T.


Ornithology Camps - Rok 2011

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Zoznam účastníkov tábora

  • krúžkovatelia: Vladimír Hošek, Szinai Péter
  • pomocníci krúžkovateľov: Horváth Balázs, Villányi Péter, Sándor Anna
  • krátkodobý účastníci: Havai Kornél, Korompai Viktor a Éva, Nagy Ákos
  • zdravotný dozor: Bc. Štefan Lenický
  • odborný ornitologický dozor: Ján Gúgh, Marek
  • bezpečnostný dozor: Attila Csizmadia, Zoltán Volter, Miroslav Rybár
  • technický dozor: Matej Medveď


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