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What was not washed away by water, was damaged by hail

Only a minimum of nestlings has hatched in bird nests this year, said the ornithologists. GBELCE: During the ornithology camp in June, July a large decline of the number of birds in Paris marshes was recorded. Only 11 birds were caught into nets during one day. “ First decade of September is the period of the second hatching, so we expect better results afterwards,” said the nature guard Matej Medveď, secretary of the civil association Gbelcia crassiceps – Help for Nature, for MY.

Poacher monitoring
During the camp, two agreements of cooperation within international projects were signed. “The first one suggests the creation of online database of birds, but at the same time the account of poachers and makers of illegal landfills in protected territories on both sides of the Danube. The second one focuses on the support of projects on building and testing alternative sources of energy. When patrolling, we would try recharging of transmitters by movable solar panels. We plan to make a documentary about it,” added ranger M. Medveď.

Transmitters from Bobbies
The technology of Nature guards improved a lot – but firstly thanks to supporters. “If they did not exist, we hardly had anything. Army has promised some technology, but the floods came and they had more important things to worry about. So we sent a new application for the equipments not only for patrolling and camps, but also the protection of civilians against natural disasters, which we have suffered in Gbelce recently,” he explains. He also added, that they asked for help not only Slovak, but even foreign subjects. “Metropolitan Police in London sent us used transmitters and a Czech company provided batteries for them. From Germans, whom we have never seen, we have descender kits, gloves and goggles. But do not ask me, what the answer for the same request was, here, in Mikuláš.”

Youngsters to camps
Within supporting of environmental education, rangers have to organize, except regular international ornithology camps, camps for youngsters. “We will try to do our best to attract them to the nature, not to sit at the computers and eating pizza during the whole summer. To provide them some possibility to see birds, catch lizards,” finishes the secretary of the civil association Gbelcia crassiceps – Help for Nature, Matej Medveď.

Miroslav Antoni


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