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Civil association Gbelcia crssiceps – Help for Nature, is a non-profit organization founded as a volunteer union of rangers from three countries: Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic on 11th August 2005.
  Seat of the civil association is Krížna ulica 909/5, 943 42 Gbelce, Slovensko. (statistic identification number) IČO: 42 040 370, bank account: 266 100 2010 / 1100 Tatra Banka a.s.Táto e-mailová adresa je chránená pred spamovými robotmi, potrebujete mať zapnutý Javascript aby ste ju mohli vidieť
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Prove you also, that you are among the best! Together we can save endangered territory NPR - Paris swamps! If you are interested please contact us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Name Gbelcia crassiceps comes from a species of a small wasp, which is endemic (only in Gbelce) in National Nature Reservation Paris Marshes (Parížske močiare). It was discovered by Czechoslovak scientist Zdeněk Bouček in 1955.


Our main aims and activities are:

  • Preservation , increasing and spreading our natural heritage in public
  • Monitoring, survey and enhance the nature in National Nature Reservation Paris Marshes and the surrounding marshy habitats
  •  Supporting and organizing scientific and naturalistic activities, connected to environment
  • Organizing ornithological camps and environmental education for children
  • Organizing trainings, seminars, lectures connected to the protection of environment
  • Operating an ornithological educational station
  • Publication of information materials about environmental protection
  • Cooperation with volunteers
  • Awarding prizes “Gbelcia cracciseps – Help for Nature”


History of “Rangers- volunteer fighters”, reaches back to the history of the USA. First groups of rangers were organized by Major Robert Rogers, who used the Indian tactics “swamp fox” and fought together with Indian and British troops against French army successfully during seven years. It was a close connection to nature what had given them stamina until the end of the war. A great help was provided by inhabitants of forests, Indians and mountaineers.
Because our association Gbelcia crassiceps consists mainly of volunteers, we have given the name “Rangers” to our web page as a thanksgiving for being the members of a group of good ones.

History of nature protection in Gbelce

Mária Szuperová Hronová and Ervin Mihalik founded the Basic Organization of Slovak Association of Nature and Country Guards in Gbelce in 1981. The organization had 18 members. Jozef Medveď writes about it in a weekly newspaper “Naše Novosti”. The organization split in 1982. For the destiny of Paris Marshes wasn’t indifferent for some citizens, they joined the association which worked at secondary grammar school in Nové Zámky. When this association split a new stronger organization was founded at the plant Tesla in Nové Zámky in 1983. This organization provided experiences for the citizens of Gbelce, who restarted the organization in Gbelce in 1985. Founder members were Mgr. Valéria Medveďová, Vladimír Hošek, František Muszela, Karol Bernet and Jozef Medveď, who was elected a president of the organization. As the most active member, he was put in charge the coordinator of Štúrovo territory. He was the co-founder of organizations in Kamenín, Obid, Štúrovo and Strekov.
He came to the awareness of citizens and also the totalitarian StB (secret police) by his never-ending propaganda of the importance of nature protection and sharp criticism of comrades in the connection to environmental protection. For these “anti-state” activities he was regularly taken for questioning to police station in Nové Zámky.
Between the years 1985 – 1999 he wrote 20 letters to save Paris Marshes to governments of ČSSR, ČSFR and SR. He was one of the promoters of a proposal of adding Paris Marshes to international Ramsar Convention on Wetlands in 1984. ČSFR joined the convention in 1990 and Paris Marshes were the first registered locality in Slovakia.
From 1995 the volunteer guards have been members of Birdlife Slovakia in Gbelce, led by Jozef Medveď. It is the second most numerous branch of Birdlife in Slovakia. Its activities include: bird monitoring and observing, bird box making, eco-education at schools, monitoring of biodiversity in National Nature Reservation – Paris Marshes (Parížske močiare) in cooperation with other organizations, winter bird feeding and international ornithological camps since 1996.
Since 1994 the organization has been recording the exact number of visitors of the reservation in a “Green Book”. Since 1996 Jozef Medveď has been awarding a prize of “Gbelcia crassiceps – Help for Nature”. In 2005 together with Vlado Hošek and Matej Medveď, he founded the civil association Gbelcia crassiceps – Help for Nature.

Prize Help for Nature was awarded to following activists in nature protection:


  • RNDr. Zdeňek Bouček PhD. - GB
  • Ing.Miroslav Čapek Csc – CZ
  • Ing.Bohuslav Kloubec – CZ
  • RNDr.Peter Straka – SK
  • Ing.Jozef Zlocha – SK
  • Ing.Pavol Deutch – SK
  • Mgr.Valéria Medveďová – SK
  • Miroslav Vavro – SK


  • Prof.RNDr.Oto Majzlan PhD. -SK


  • RNDr. Alžbeta Darolová Csc. - SK


  • Alexander Hubik – SK


  • Ervín Karaba – SK


  • Vladimír Hošek – SK


  • Ing. Péter Szinai – H


  • RNDr. Alfréd Trnka PhD. -SK
  • RNDr. Bronislava Trnková – SK
  • RNDr. Branislav Matoušek – SK


  • plk.Gabriel Mihalik - SK


  • Juraj Sviečka – CZ
  • František Zicha – CZ


  • Ing.Emese Varga-In memoriam-H


  • Peter Majer – SK
  • Klára Bokor - SK


  • RNDr. László Miklós Csc. - SK
  • Viktor Szőke - SK
  • Matej Medveď - SK


  • RNDr. Zuzana Jenčová-In memoriam-SK

Miroslav Antoni - SK


HUSKY SK - ltd - SK

Jozef Tomly - SK